PerXceptive Leadership at its core is about foresight1, where leaders / leadership groups are supported to act today to steer their organisations towards the sustainable tomorrow they aspire. The essence of PerXceptive's value-add is best described as their ability to get individuals and units to fully comprehend and appreciate their current reality in relation to what could impact their environment in the foreseeable future as well as build resilience to face the unpredictable changes emerging nowadays ever faster. Building teams'/partners' consensus on their mutual way forward, coming from different perspectives of their realities is what PerXceptive Leadership excels in. Design and facilitation of processes that lead individuals and teams to their projected viable plans/futures2 is anchored at the root of PerXceptive Leadership's sphere of expertise.

Most recent Sustainability Driven Action Processes that�Leutloa, the principal consultant at PerXceptive has successfully lead and/or contributed to include initiating the shift of SOS Children's Villages International (SOS CVI) in the African Continent out of the non-core programmes and activities by rearranging the operations towards being relevant and sustainable moving forward as well as having higher impact orientation. With Leutloa's contributions as the lead facilitator and in co-facilitating workshops that brought key stakeholders (Government Representatives, Project Sponsors and Donors, Project Implementers, Beneficiaries) together in shaping how the work of SOS Children's Villages in those locations could be reorganised have been highly appreciated by the clients.

PerXceptive's approach to strategic/transformational change reflects the African philosophy3 of togetherness for viability and sustainability in the journey of an organisation. Their starting point is usually helping individuals/teams to take stock and appreciate what is already working and/or has potential to do good, followed by building on these capacities, potentials and opportunities to develop what would be applicable and feasible in the context of the identified situation�- leveraging the critical few elements in a system that impacts fundamental change.

PerXceptive provides discrete coaching/mentoring to young talent, managing directors and functional specialists.



1� ..the ability to think ahead, and adjusting your sails to catch tomorrow's forecasted winds
2� Albert Einstein: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"
3� African Proverb: "If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together"